Weather Report Thu Mar 23 2017 7:59PM

Current Conditions
Wind 4.3 knots from 2°
Outside Temperature 25.5°C
Rain Rate N/A
Humidity N/A


Since Midnight
High Wind 5.2 knots from 5° at 00:00
Average Wind 4.2 knots
RMS Wind 4.2 knots
Vector Average Speed
Vector Average Direction
4.2 knots
High Temperature
Low Temperature
25.5°C at 00:00
25.4°C at 00:00
High Humidity
Low Humidity
N/A at N/A
N/A at N/A
Today's Rain 0.0 mm
High Rain Rate N/A at N/A



wind Hi Wind Wind Vector temperatures rain heatchill
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Today's Almanac
Sunrise: 07:08
Transit: 13:09
Sunset: 19:10
Azimuth: 263.8°
Altitude: -10.7°
Right ascension: 2.7°
Declination: 1.2°
Solstice: Jun-21-2017 14:24
Equinox: Sep-23-2017 06:01
Rise: 01:50
Transit: 08:57
Set: 16:01
Azimuth: 203.5°
Altitude: -35.2°
Right ascension: 304.8°
Declination: -16.2°
New moon: Mar-28-2017 13:57
Full moon: Apr-11-2017 16:08
Phase: Waning crescent
(25% full)
About this weather station:
Latitude: 35° 21.78' S
Longitude: 149° 09.91' E
Altitude: 584 meters

This station uses a Davis VantageVue, controlled by 'weewx' and a RaspberryPi running Debian Linux.

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